About Us

Since 1987, Jubilee Preschool has been providing a preschool that serves children in a safe and nurturing environment with developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Our preschool philosophy is to enrich the efforts of the home while promoting growth for the whole child: physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. It is of primary importance to match educational efforts with the developmental readiness of children. In doing so, each child is working within his or her abilities and is therefore able to experience success and to develop positive feelings about himself/herself. We believe children are individual and unique; created and loved by God. We strive to give each child a foundation for school learning in a Christian atmosphere of love and acceptance. We provide a wide variety of learning experiences and at the same time give the children the opportunity to socialize.

Our Values

We understand that education is a partnership between the family and the school, and we strive to come alongside parents and guardians as their children begin their education journeys.

We value students as individuals: each classroom is equipped with two or more teachers to meet student needs.

We strive to foster a loving and nurturing classroom that helps ease children’s transition from home to school.

We desire to create a fun and stimulating environment that is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers.

We believe children should flourish in preschool through exploration, experimentation, and play.

Our goal is to challenge children academically through creative and developmentally appropriate means to prepare them for elementary school.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Jubilee Preschool celebrates the unique character and experience of children from every background. Jubilee welcomes children of any color, race, ethnic, national, cultural, social, or religious backgrounds.