What our parents and students say about us!

My family has been part of Jubilee preschool for 4 years now and I can say we will truly miss it next year.  Both of my children have thrived here and were well prepared for the transition to kindergarten.  Not only is Jubilee wonderful academically, but it is warm, caring, loving environment with some of the best teachers in New Jersey.  We have been blessed to be a part of such a community! (Emily Armstrong)

The Jubilee teachers complement each other and work in a student centered environment.  They educate the entire child with touching Bible stories, outstanding reading and math programs and amazing music and art classes.  The teachers make learning fun in math with Casey the Caterpillar and journal writing exciting with Buster the class pet.  Consequently, they address the learning styles of their class.  I can truly say the strengths and weaknesses gave me incredible insight into their personalities.  I travel a half hour to get to Jubilee each school day because I know I can trust these teachers with my most prized possessions, my children. (Julie Hoffman)

“My 3 year old daughter attends this school and will attend next year as well. I can’t say enough positive things about the school. I love the curriculum and love the teachers. There is 10 children to a room 2 rooms and 2 teachers for each room so it is very individualized attention. They do a great job with keeping the parents informed with progress reports and keeping us involved with the kids and their daily routine at school. There are even functions they have to keep you involved- i.e. – the Christmas show, mothers day tea and a closing dinner for the end of the year. The cost of tuition is right in line with other schools and cheaper in my opinion. I love the personalized attention and my daughter is thriving because of it.” (an anonymous alumni on yahoo)

“My name is Tricia Kelly and I am the happy mom of six children, all of whom are graduates or current students at Jubilee Preschool.  Over 12 years ago, my husband and I began the search for a preschool for our first child and spent much time praying about this decision and visiting local schools.  After visiting 2 other schools, my son Dennison and I entered the doors of Jubilee for the first time, anxious and excited!  This was, truly, a life changing day for us!
Mrs. Hutchins greeted us with a smile and brought us into the classroom where the kids were singing in a circle, she asked Dennison his name and then sang to welcome him into this circle.  He joined in and we have never looked back.

This journey with Jubilee has included tears, fears, joys, struggles, and celebrations. Over the past 13 years, we have had changes in teachers and curriculum and expectations, but the loving, nurturing atmosphere has remained constant!

My children leave Jubilee as confident learners, with friendships and the responsibility of taking directions from adults and following rules and expectations. They are tolerant and accepting of differences in themselves and in others. Our children graduated with the ability to write their names, know their letters and rhymes, numbers and skip counting, and are expert weather watchers! Jubilee and this circle of teachers and nurtured students have helped to shape our children into who they are today.
To capture the loving experience and devotion of the teachers at Jubilee I will share a few experiences…
Our oldest son was terrified of fire drills. Mrs. Hutchins held him while she phoned the fire department and walked through the process with him to ease his nerves.
My husband lost his job for a 6 month period and the tuition and fees disappeared and were replaced with prayers and giftcards.

At a conference for our then 4 year old, we were told how great our son is, but to always watch closely his friend choice. We have lived by these words and found them to be so true. He is now a 7th grader with wonderful friends!
We are so blessed that we were welcomed into Jubilee 12 years ago. The teachers embrace their gifts and talents and minister to children tirelessly and selflessly! The Jubilee Preschool is a blessing to us and to all families who embark on their child’s journey there.

Thank you to Mrs. Hutchins and all of the teachers and to the Covenant Church and all who support the program with prayers and finances. We are eternally grateful and pray for you too!” (Tricia Kelly)